Sally Ponzio

Who do I go to with financial/retirement/life insurance questions...Carolyn!

Thank you Carolyn for always being available and for sharing your financial expertise. I am thrilled with my retirement plan! Thank you for putting my monies in products that ensure financial stability...and hopefully early retirement!

Ellie Sommerhalder

Carolyn saved me substantial money by switching my Medicare insurance. My plan now covers everything! My out of pocket expense has been drastically reduced.

I would recommend Carolyn anytime.

Thank you, Carolyn!

I thought my life insurance was in good order until Carolyn reviewed it. I now have twice the coverage for the same price.

Who knew insurance got cheaper? Carolyn did!

Diane Richard

I found myself in an ugly financial situation. Carolyn took a look and made a plan. My finances are now totally secure and so is my financial future!

Kathleen Powers

Artie & Barbara Uhlich

Carolyn was a great asset in helping us with our estate planning.

Not only with our finances and insurances; but, also, in finding an elder-law attorney to set up 2 trusts which involved out-of-state residencies.

Ann McCauley

In explaining Medicare, Carolyn simplified all of its complexities.

My choices were clear. I am very satisfied with my Medicare insurance. Thanks Carolyn!